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non elite doods

because elitists are dillholes!

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this is a community for people who are anti elitist-fucks.

join if you
- are completely yourself
- want to share bands with others, and like recommending/being recommended music
- hate people who think they are better than others
- think elitists are dillholes
- hate people who "own" a certain band because they heard of them first
- like what you want to like, whether it's popular or not
- hate people who say the music you listen to sucks because it isn't completely obscure and underground
- hate people who try to force their opinions on you, instead of letting you like what you want to like
- hate people who heckle you for wearing band tshirts (jeff, you know who i'm talking about! haha)
- hate people who don't listen to bands just because they're popular now
- hate people who say _____ have sold out. "OMG THEY SUCK NOW" - who really gives a fuck? honestly.

when joining, please post this in your first post:

1. name
2. location
3. age
4. 10(ish) favourite bands
5. 2 - 3 photos of yourself (only if possible)

please don't use this community to argue with people - that's what IMs or email are for.

also, no posts or comments saying how ___'s taste in music sucks, or how _____ suck because they're popular now. remember, this community is about NOT being elite.