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1. name: alicia
2. location: belton, tx (kinda close to austin)
3. age: 18.5
4. 10(ish) favourite bands: brand new, straylight run, hot hot heat, motion city soundtrack, the decemberists, eisley, minus the bear, further seems forever, the get up kids, the lyndsay diaries, rocking horse winner, and frank sinatra. (broad, i know, but i like music, not genres)

i had to take the typical "emo" picture with only half my face showing. i took it just for this too.

im dressed pretty frickin preppy here but im in the bahamas, so i have a legit excuse. plus, its elvis so i HAD to look good.

im the one with the red hair and black shirt (if you hadn't been able to tell so far).
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